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Across the country coaches, athletes, and athletic trainers love talking about the benefits of Boost Treadmills.  The treadmills, built on a Woodway platform, are state of the art air-pressure machines.  Boost Treadmills are used by every professional league and across the board in intercollegiate athletics.


“Our athletes love the Boost Treadmill because it is easy to use,”

said Dan Wirth, the University of Tennessee Director of Performance for Olympic Sports.  “The harder you train and compete, the greater the emphasis has to be on active recovery techniques.  It gives our athletes the ability to enhance circulation and positive hormonal responses.  It’s a ‘no pain, all gain’ exercise modality.”


NC State Head Football Athletic Trainer Justin Smith agrees on how easy the Boost Treadmills are to use.  He also points out the versatility and consistency.

 “Our football team likes the ease of adjusting their percentages so they’re able to run without a guesstimate. They can go at 50 percent one day and 35 percent the next day. They can then keep going down to get back to running on the ground”

Distance teams train coast to coast on Boost Treadmills to avoid the pounding that comes from running on the hard ground.  University of Missouri head cross country coach Marc Burns loves that the Boost Treadmills allows the Tigers greater control over recovery days. 

“The correlation between training, racing and overall health have improved measurably” .

Feeling safe and comfortable while running on the air-pressure treadmill has helped Portland’s cross country team as well. Ian Solof, UP’s Head Women’s Track and Field Coach said:

“The Boost Treadmill allows our athletes to train at a high level and avoid injury. It gives anyone who is more fragile or can’t run that much a chance to get into really good shape without all the pounding,”

Like many programs across the country, it’s been a welcome addition for the Tennessee women’s soccer team.  Vols head coach Brian Pensky knows that because his team loves the Boost Treadmill, they gain confidence with each of their workouts on the treadmill.

“The Boost Treadmill allows our players to get fast, yet unweighted, runs in – without the pounding and wear and tear that comes from running on a standard treadmill.”

Whether it’s athletes returning from a lower-body injury or athletes just wanting to do extra conditioning, the benefits of a Boost Treadmill are immense.

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