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Microgravity Treadmills

Empowering humans with freedom of movement

How Microgravity
Treadmills Work

Boost microgravity treadmills allow you to run or walk at anywhere from 100% to as low as 20% of your bodyweight, in 1% increments. This reduction in effective body weight is achieved by creating a higher pressure around the your lower body. Because this pressure is greater than the pressure outside the enclosure, it creates a lifting force which counteracts gravity. The lifting force is dispersed across your entire lower body, which makes it incredibly comfortable. This gives you a sense of walking or running in a totally normal way, while at the same time feeling incredibly fast, strong, and pain-free.

Height Adjustment System

The Boost 2 is the only microgravity treadmill available that utilizes a motorized height adjustment system. You only need to enter your height and the Boost 2 does the rest. Get athletes, patients, or clients set up with the touch of a button and take the guesswork out of the setup.



Remove Barriers to Recovery

Return to Sport Faster

Rehabilitation with body weight support allows for quicker return to sports.

Restore Range of Movement

Increases bloodflow and restores range of movement post injury.

Natural Experience

Microgravity technology provides a smooth and natural transition back to running on the ground.

Stay Motivated

Increases confidence and motivation during return from injury.

Benefits of Microgravity Treadmills

Injury Rehab

Microgravity technology is useful across a spectrum of injuries, from post-surgical repair to stress fractures or lumbar disc herniation. Traditional recommendations of non-weight bearing time can mean loss of muscle mass, strength, cardiovascular fitness, and an increase in joint stiffness. Microgravity training can help combat all of these without compromising the risk of re-injury.

Performance Training

Microgravity training can maximize performance through efficient and effective training techniques. Elite athletes in a variety of sports from football to golf use microgravity for speed work, HIIT sessions, overspeed training and enhancing cardiovascular fitness.

Return to Running

Microgravity training can provide a smooth, progressive, and confidence-building experience for runners looking to return to their craft post injury or layoff. Unlike traditional cross training methods, microgravity training provides running-specific movement patterns, progressive weight bearing, and a smooth transition back to the track, roads, or trails.

Physical Therapists

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