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We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for our customers. As former athletes and coaches with decades of experience and knowledge, our team understands what it takes to be successful, allowing us the ability to lift others. We constantly strive for our personal best and to provide value beyond our products.

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An Olympic Story

“I just wanted to follow-up and say how much I’ve benefited from the Boost treadmill! I did a big race block in May and the majority of my training beforehand was on it with me coming back from injury. The races exceeded my expectations and I am actually running the best I ever have to date after this minimal land running/Boost use. I was able to podium in a World Cup in Italy and almost pulled off the win…we are still implementing the Boost treadmill in my training even with me being completely healthy now. It’s great for getting the turnover going and speed work without the big demands land running can have. Since triathlon already requires a lot of hours of training this just helps minimize risks. ”

Kevin McDowell
Olympic Triathlete
Team USA

World Series Champs Run With Boost

According to several studies, injury rates in the MLB have been on the rise for a while now, with a staggering 37% increase between 2005-2008. Luckily, the Boost air-pressure technology is not just helpful with lower extremity injuries. According to one study, upper extremity injuries account for 51.4% of injuries in the MLB, and the Boost can be a huge benefit in maintaining cardiovascular fitness throughout that recovery process. Concern over falling during running or agility training is often a reason most physicians will not allow this until a certain point in the recovery process. But, with the Boost, the individual is safely secured in the unit to eliminate the risk of falling while also benefiting from the decreased impact of each foot strike while running. Read More

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“We use the Boost Treadmill multiple times daily to treat runners and athletes. We have also used it for patients recovering from a lower extremity surgery and patients who have chronic osteoarthritis in the spine or lower extremities. We had a young, active father come to us after needing lumbar surgery at age 35. He could walk, stand, and sit but had not picked up his young children for over a year nor been able to play basketball or run due to weakness and pain after surgery. We started with 50% of his weight and were able to safely and comfortably progress him back to running sand dune sprints at the beach in 3 months. Without the option to gradually increase his body weight and the confidence that the Boost provides, he may have never felt comfortable to attempt running again."

Adam Homolka, MPT, ART
Owner, Physical Therapist, Running Injury Specialist
Endurance Rehabilitation & Athletics
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"Being able to de-load our athletes and continue to train their cardiovascular systems during the rehab process has allowed us to return our athletes to sport ready to compete. I can't say enough about the Boost!"
Danny Poole
Dir. Sports Med, Clemson
"The Boost has been one of the best investments I've made to elevate our program. From enhancing training to optimizing health to elevating performance, not a day goes by that we don't maximize our usage."
Sean Cleary
Head XC Coach, WVU
"We use our Boost as part of our weekly training runs. It's a good, secure way for us to train. It helps keep us fit and healthy. By staying injury-free, we save money on MRIs and physical therapy for our athletes as well."
Andy Powell
Head XC Coach, UW

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