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We develop microgravity treadmills that push the limits of performance, functionality, reliability and design. Based on advanced air pressure technology developed at NASA by our founder’s father, our products allow for comfortable and effortless unweighting.


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Microgravity Treadmill Use Cases

The Champion of Impact Reduction

The Boost Microgravity Treadmill enables you to de-load up to 80% of your body weight to reduce pain, rehabilitate lower body injuries, and train longer and harder without the impact.

Additionally, the Boost 2 features:

  • Precision Motorized Height Adjustment
  • Simplified User Controls
  • Expanded Gait Viewing Windows
  • Pre-Programmed Workouts
  • Easy Access to Service & Clean

What Our Clients Say

"Being able to de-load our athletes and continue to train their cardiovascular systems during the rehab process has allowed us to return our athletes to sport ready to compete. I can't say enough about the Boost!"
Danny Poole
Dir. Sports Med, Clemson
"The Boost has been one of the best investments I've made to elevate our program. From enhancing training to optimizing health to elevating performance, not a day goes by that we don't maximize our usage."
Sean Cleary
Head XC Coach, WVU
"We use our Boost as part of our weekly training runs. It's a good, secure way for us to train. It helps keep us fit and healthy. By staying injury-free, we save money on MRIs and physical therapy for our athletes as well."
Andy Powell
Head XC Coach, UW

Boost Microgravity Treadmills vs. The Competition

Height Adjustment System
Base Treadmill
Bag/Enclosure Changes
The Boost 2
Motorized lift system. Users enter their bodyweight and the Boost 2 automatically lifts to a height personalized for the user.
Woodway 4Front Treadmill. Considered the highest quality, quietest, longest lasting performance treadmill on the market.
Intuitive controls even for first time users. Knobs for quick and easy control of speed and bodyweight. No tapping on the screen is needed.
5 seconds. 100% repeatable. Custom algorithm for each user that asks for shorts size, height, and a weight range of +-2.5lbs.
Easy zip on/zip off to replace the bag. Costs less than $1,000 to replace, and can do it yourself in 10 minutes without any tools.
Access to the treadmill for cleaning within 1 minute (removing 8 bolts). Only simple tools are required to perform maintenance.
Designed for a premium experience with a first-of-its-kind automated lift system, premium materials and finish, easy controls and low up-front/ongoing costs.
Made of light, thin, and air-tight materials. They also include a fair warranty: free replacement if you feel they lasted less than expected.
Other Microgravity Treadmills
Manual height setting. Requires guesswork about setting the correct height, and balancing a carriage which can be difficult.
Newly released, Chinese-made treadmill. Brand is new in US markets and fitness centers. Quality is unknown.
Small buttons on a touchscreen make it hard to quickly make changes, especially while running. Easy to make a mistake.
~1-minute process, reliant on the user being completely still during calibration, prone to errors. Different every time for the same user.
Costs $3,000-$5,000. Requires technician visit, tools and multiple hours. Users may have to wait months for a tech visit.
Any inside access requires a technician visit to clean and preform maintenance. This is costly and time inefficient.
These treadmills were designed in 2005 and 2007, with no new updates since then. Materials often feel cheap.
Thicker, neoprene-based material which is less comfortable for the user. Customers receive only a 90-day warranty.
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