Jeremy Renner Recovers on the Boost 2 Microgravity Treadmill

Renner took to social media to share how the Boost zero gravity treadmill technology has played a key role in his recovery and rehabilitation after he was left with severe injuries following a snow plow accident earlier this year.

Actor Jeremy Renner, best known for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was involved in a life-threatening snow plow accident on New Year’s Day. He sustained multiple serious injuries including blunt chest trauma and over 30 broken bones, undergoing multiple surgeries as a result of the incident.

Despite the severity of his injuries, Renner has remained optimistic about his recovery and is working hard on regaining his strength. In fact, nearly three months later and he is walking again with the help of our newest technology, the Boost 2 Zero Gravity Treadmill.

For Renner, the Boost Treadmill has been a valuable tool in his recovery process. He is seen in the video walking at 40% of his body weight, which significantly reduces the strain on his bones and joints. This in turn helps him to progress quicker in the rehabilitation process by allowing him to work on using his full range of motion while improving strength and maintaining cardiovascular fitness as his body heals. “It’s like having a cane,” he says as he brags on the Boost 2 for its unique features that make his body feel like it’s carrying “less weight.” 

Renner’s road to recovery has gained a lot of attention across many media outlets that have featured his use of the Boost 2 Treadmill in his rehabilitation, including the TODAY Show, Fox News, and CNN. “It’s good to see Jeremy progressing and doing better,” says Carson Daley of the TODAY Show, echoing the sentiments of nearly everyone who has featured his story so far.

How do zero gravity treadmills work?

The Boost Treadmill is based on advanced air pressure technology developed by our founder’s father at NASA. Essentially, the user wears specialized shorts that zip into a chamber (bag) that is attached to the treadmill. The chamber is then filled with air, which creates a lifting force that reduces the user’s effective body weight. Stress on the bones, joints, and muscles is thus reduced, allowing users to recover from injuries quicker, safer, and more efficiently. The new Boost 2 Treadmill that Renner is seen using in his video features our air pressure technology combined with the Woodway shock-absorbing slat-belt treadmill surface, designed with new enhancements for an even more seamless user experience, including automatic height adjustment, simplified user controls, and clinical gait views.

Although Jeremy Renner’s snow plow accident was quite a scary and unfortunate event, his positive attitude and dedication to his recovery have been incredibly inspiring. “These 30 plus broken bones will mend, grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends deepens,” he wrote on Instagram. With this optimistic outlook and the use of cutting-edge rehabilitation tools like the Boost Zero Gravity Treadmill technology in combination with his regular physical therapy plan, he is giving himself the best chance at making a full recovery. We are wishing him the best as he continues to persevere and conquer through the rehabilitation process!

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