About Us

We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for our customers. As former athletes and coaches with decades of experience and knowledge, our team understands what it takes to be successful, allowing us the ability to lift others. We constantly strive for our personal best and to provide value beyond our products.

Our Philosophy

The Boost 2 pushes the limits of human potential using microgravity. Designed to make running or walking accessible to all, the Boost is a pain-free, efficient and effective workout. Boost does more than sell treadmills. Boost helps and inspires others to move the way they want. We do this with a team of people passionate about improving performance based on our decades of experience as athletes and coaches and our innovative microgravity treadmills.
Tom Allen
Founder of Boost Treadmills
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The History Of Boost

Boost Treadmills was founded in 2017 by Tom Allen, Sean Whalen, and Jimmy Bean. Prior to starting Boost, they each played key roles in the creation of AlterG, where Sean was the founder and chief technical officer, Tom was the first employee, and Jimmy ran sales and marketing in the sports and military markets. After 10 years of designing and creating a business around air-pressure treadmills with AlterG, they each went on to pursue other ventures but came back together in 2017 with the desire to create the most functional, affordable, and highest quality gravity-reducing treadmills on Earth – and thus Boost Treadmills was born.

The Boost 1 was officially introduced in 2018 when Boost partnered with Woodway USA to feature the Woodway 4Front as the foundation and manufacture at their home base in Waukesha, WI. In April of 2018, the first Boost 1 Treadmills began shipping across the country, with the very first batch heading to Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network, Northwestern University Athletics, and several government locations. Quickly becoming the go-to microgravity treadmill for sports teams and athletes, 

the Boost technology is currently being used at over 250 facilities in the U.S. alone. But Boost 1 was only the beginning. While the world shut down with COVID, the Boost team got to work on developing a brand new cutting-edge piece of technology – the Boost 2. Launched in 2022 and gaining significant early momentum in both the athletic and medical markets, The Boost 2 sets the bar even higher by pushing the limits of what a micro-gravity treadmill can be.

Designed by Athletes, for Athletes

We truly believe in this technology and ultimately want to make microgravity more useful, accessible, and affordable for everyone while creating a great overall experience for all users. We also believe in being open, honest, and creating lasting relationships with our customers. We can’t wait for you to experience our technology and look forward to continuing to innovate our products for all.

Our Mission

Deliver an unmatched running experience via our microgravity technology

Empower individuals to regain or retain their mobility by freeing them from the physical confines of gravity

Build relationships founded on our exceptional customer focus and relentless competitive spirit

Continuously innovate and evolve our products to be accessible for everyone

Meet The Team

Tom Allen

Founder and CEO

Tom is originally from London, however he grew up in California where he attended University of California Berkeley as a double major in political science and developmental studies and member of the cross country and track team. After graduating, he became a track and swimming coach, then soon got involved with Alter-G. After nearly 10 years of working with AlterG, Tom went back to school and received his MS in Law from UC Hastings, then made the decision to branch out on his own and start something new: Boost Treadmills. With a strong emphasis on commitment to excellence, Tom’s inspiration for Boost was to create quality treadmills at affordable prices. He also strives to create a comfortable work environment where everyone on the team feels like family, including customers. When he is not working, Tom enjoys playing soccer, running, and traveling with his dog.

Jimmy Bean

President and Co-Founder

Jimmy was born in the small town of Auburn, Illinois, but with both parents originally from Chicago, he adopted the Windy City as his hometown. Despite this Jimmy has spent most of his adult life living on the West Coast. He attended undergrad at Greenville College where he studied Recreation: Leadership & Sociology with the direction of pairing the world of athletics with community development. This led to an opportunity to attend graduate school at The University of Iowa, where he studied athletic administration as well as worked as a graduate assistant with Iowa Athletics. This sparked a passion for coaching track & field, which led him to move to coach for Willamette University for 2 years, then The University of Washington for 3 years. These experiences led him to connect with Tom Allen, and the two began to form Boost with the goal of making air pressure treadmills more readily accessible to a larger population of the world in order to spur greater athletic performance and drive human health. When he is not working, Jimmy enjoys spending time with his wife, family, and friends doing anything from hiking and running to attending any kind of sporting event, as well as spending time with his bulldog.

Calli Coggins

Customer Marketing Program Manager

A Tennessee native, Calli was born and raised in Nashville and grew up in the nearby suburb of Franklin. She was involved in several sports throughout her childhood, however found her love for running during high school. She went on to attend college at The University of Alabama where she majored in Human Nutrition and ran on the cross country and track teams, specializing in the 5k and Steeplechase events. After graduation, she landed a summer internship with Boost and later got the opportunity to join the team officially as Customer Marketing Program Manager. Having dealt with several injuries throughout her running career, she was able to witness firsthand how air pressure treadmills can enhance the recovery process and is a strong advocate for athletes to incorporate the Boost into their regular training programs. Her favorite thing about Boost Treadmills is that truly anyone can benefit from them, and she loves being able to support something that impacts not only physical but also mental and emotional wellbeing. When she is not working, she enjoys working out, traveling, hiking, reading, listening to music, attending concerts, and spending time with family.

Stephen Smith

Sports & Performance Account Associate

Stephen is a native of Richmond, MO currently residing in Columbia. He attended the University of Missouri where he graduated with a Business Management degree, moving on to earn his Master’s in Sports Psychology the following year. Before joining the Boost Treadmills team, Stephen completed a 12 year-long stint with the University of Missouri Track & Field/Cross Country programs. What started as a volunteer student manager position in 2011 quickly grew into more as he transitioned to Director of Operations in 2014, where he remained for 2 years until moving into a new role as Recruiting Coordinator. He finally landed as an Assistant Coach, working specifically with the distance runners for 8 years. He saw much success in his endeavors with Mizzou, helping the cross country teams earn a number of accolades as well as individually developing some of Mizzou’s most accomplished athletes – most recently coaching two sub 4 minute milers for the Tigers. Stephen quickly became a became a fan of the Boost technology after Mizzou purchased their first Boost in 2019. Throughout his coaching career, he witnessed the direct impact it had on student-athletes and their ability to train and recover. Although coaching and recruiting will always be one of his biggest passions, outside of work Stephen also enjoys summers at the Lake of the Ozarks, spending time with family, traveling the world, Mizzou game days and playing corn hole. 

Layne Anderson

Dir. Sports Performance​

Born into a military family, Layne was born in Italy and lived in several areas across the world growing up, including Korea, Panama, and Germany. He was active in many sports throughout his childhood, and began running track in high school, which he would continue into college at The Citadel. Layne has an impressive 22 years of full-time coaching experience, where he was able to see first-hand the benefits of anti-gravity treadmills. Seeing these benefits as well as having connections through the athletic world, Layne saw a great opportunity and joined the Boost team. His ultimate goal for the company is to create public awareness about the benefits of Boost treadmills, as well as connect with people and build lasting relationships with both co-workers and customers. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, being involved in the lives of his 2 boys, working out, and being outdoors.​

Sean Whalen

Inventor & Co-founder

One of the masterminds behind the Boost air-pressure technology with over 15 years of experience in sports medicine and performance, Sean is somewhat of an expert in innovative sports technology. He was originally born in Mountain View, CA and went on to attend Stanford University where he received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering while competing on the men’s soccer team. He continued on to earn his Master’s in Management Science and Engineering, and upon graduation, founded the first anti-gravity treadmill company of its kind known as AlterG. After a long and successful journey with AlterG, Sean was ready for something new and founded B STRONG in 2016, a company specializing in blood flow restriction technology for strength and recovery. But he didn’t stop there – he then co-founded Boost Treadmills, taking air-pressure technology to the next level. Sean’s favorite thing about Boost is the potential and that it has not even begun to scratch the surface of what air-pressure technology can do for mankind. When he is not working, Sean enjoys playing soccer, fishing, and traveling.​

Alex Hibbert

Engineering and Operations Manager

Originally from Quincy, Illinois, Alex grew up in Bakersfield, CA until he finally landed in San Diego where he currently resides. He attended college at Cal State Northridge, earning a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering while also competing on the track and field team in the 400 meter hurdles. Following undergrad, Alex went on to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he received his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. Alex soon became involved with Boost, allowing him to combine two of his biggest passions – engineering and sports. His favorite thing about Boost is working with a team that is passionate and driven in developing products that continue to push the limits of human performance. When he is not working, Alex enjoys CrossFit, sports, playing chess, and going to the lake or beach.

Marc Burns

Director of Sales

Marc grew up in the northwest suburb of Chicago known as Buffalo Grove, IL. He went on to attend Loyola University Chicago, majoring in Business Administration and Marketing as well as running on the cross country and track teams. Upon graduation in 1991, he worked in sales for 5 years until he returned to his alma mater as the Head Women’s Cross Country coach, and thus began his 24 year coaching career. Continuing his head coaching position at Loyola for 10 years, Marc followed with four-year head coaching stints at both Wichita State and Bradley. He finally landed at Mizzou where he would finish out the last 8 years of his coaching journey. Over the course of his career, Marc has coached 85 conference champions, 37 NCAA Championship qualifiers, 31 All-Region finishers, 15 All-Americans, seven conference team champions, six National Champions, six conference runner of the year honorees, two Honda Sports Woman of the Year Award winners and an Olympian. Not to mention his athletes have set 23 school records, four collegiate Top-10 marks and one collegiate record. Once Mizzou purchased a Boost Treadmill, Marc immediately became a believer after he saw how it impacted his athletes. Marc’s favorite thing about Boost is the vision from the team and partners, and that he gets to continue to nurture all the relationships he’s built in coaching over the years. When he is not working, Marc enjoys following his four boys around in their athletic endeavors including corn hole, golf, or any kind of card game.​

Alex Luthman

Director of Field Operations

Alex was born and raised in the small town of Versailles, Ohio where he currently resides today. With a diverse background of work experience ranging from the Navy to engineering to firefighting, Alex has quite an impressive repertoire. After serving in the US Navy for 5 years on the USS Dallas, he went on to attend Thomas Edison State University where he received a Bachelors degree in Nuclear Engineering. He then worked as an electrical controls engineer for 2 years before joining the City of Dayton fire department as a full-time fireman and EMT. During his time with the fire department, he also owned a fitness center where he first started working on fitness equipment. This led him to eventually branch off in 2018 to start his own fitness equipment service company, Fitness Doctor, which he still runs today. After a couple years of doing service work for Boost Treadmills with Fitness Doctor, Alex grew to love everything about Boost and jumped on the opportunity to join the team when asked. He feels that working for Boost gives him the opportunity to bring skills from every part of his life and put them together to provide a truly unique service to customers. When he is not working, Alex enjoys racing flat track motorcycles and fishing/sports with his 3 sons Cooper, Grady and Max.

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