Four Universities Invest in the Future of Track and Field

Four nationally prominent universities continue to make substantial investments in their collegiate track and field and cross country programs.  Winning a combined 29 NCAA titles since 2010, already up and running are new performance facilities and upgrades at the University of Oregon, University of Texas, and Texas A&M University.  The University of Arkansas will open its new facility in 2021.

Proving their excellence on a national level, the four schools are slated to host the NCAA Championship 10 times over the next seven years.  The NCAA Championships on their campuses include Arkansas: 2021 and 2025 NCAA Indoors; Oregon: 2021-22 and 2024-27 NCAA Outdoors; Texas: 2023 NCAA Outdoors; and Texas A&M: 2024 NCAA Indoors.

Oregon’s Hayward Field is a world-class track and field facility that gives athletes an unparalleled stage, while giving fans a theater for track, with comfortable seats, in-stadium amenities, amazing sightlines, and intimacy to the competition.  


“For the athletes, it’s a kid on a Christmas morning kind of moment (when they see it),” said Oregon head coach Robert Johnson.

For the university and the community, it’s something they can be proud of because there won’t be anything better in the world.  We wanted the fan’s view to be second to none.”

The 90,500-square-foot E.B. Cushing Stadium opened at Texas A&M in 2019.  Aggie head coach Pat Henry called the facility a dream come true.

“Facilities don’t win championships. Individuals with great character win them, and we have athletes who want to come to Texas A&M for all it represents,” added Henry.


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While many schools boast outstanding competition facilities, Texas’ Mike A. Meyers Stadium and Arkansas’ Randal Tyson Track Center and John McDonnell Field still rank among some of the best venues in the nation.  But many of the spaces used each day by the athletes are no longer sufficient to support their needs so both schools are upgrading the spaces the athletes use on a daily basis.  

Opening around the time it hosts the 2021 NCAA Indoor Championships, Arkansas’ 22,000-square-foot Frank O’Mara High-Performance Track Center will be home to the men’s and women’s programs.  It will combine many of the program’s day-to-day operations to create an efficient space to serve both. 

“It’s going to be a game-changer simply because our teams are going to be able to see it and be it and feel it every day,said Razorback men’s head coach Chris Bucknam.


Built into the facilities are a plethora of sports performance technologies for the student-athletes.  Included in each of these facilities are Boost Treadmills.  In the athletics world, the air-pressure Boost Treadmills are now classified as a fundamental need for sports performance.  For more on Boost Treadmills: click here. 

“We brought in a Boost Treadmill to our facility to help supplement the training of our student-athletes, to reduce injuries and to provide an alternative training methodology,” said Texas head coach Edrick Floreal.  “It’s an advanced product that fits an advanced facility.  It fits right in with our program in Austin.”

In addition to the Woodway 4Front platform base, Boost Treadmills has engineered the sleekest air pressure treadmill on the market. It has shown proven reliability and addresses short and long-term affordability.  

Boost Treadmills was on Arkansas’ radar from the beginning. 

“We chose the Boost system because of the cutting edge technology, reliability, dependability, ease of use, and of course, the price was right,” said Arkansas women’s head coach Lance Harter.

Boost Treadmills are used by every professional league and across the board in intercollegiate athletics.  Boost provides excellent customer service.  To learn more about Boost’s customer service: click here.

“It’s remarkable to see the investment in resources these top tier programs have made in elevating the sport.  At Boost, our collective vision and personnel have strong ties to track and field.  We’ve consistently aimed to produce a modern technology that supports this type of athlete. It’s exciting to see the widespread adoption of our air pressure treadmill,” Tom Allen, Boost Treadmills CEO.

Discover more about each of the facilities.

Oregon, Texas and Texas A&M all feature Beynon surfaces:

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