Customer Service and Affordability Are Key To Doing Business at Boost Treadmills

Plan your work and work your plan.  

There is nothing more frustrating than having your plan stymied because your equipment doesn’t function properly.  When you buy a Boost Treadmill, take stock in the fact that its reliable sales and operations crew are ready to assist your team.  Boost Treadmill takes great pride in providing outstanding customer service. 

In addition to the Woodway 4Front platform base, Boost has engineered the sleekest air pressure treadmill on the market. It has shown proven reliability and addresses short and long-term affordability.  Custom made in Wisconsin, Woodway is the preferred choice among professional teams, top athletes, and Hollywood stars and that says something.

Busy athletic trainers just don’t have time to talk to bots if there is a problem with the equipment they use.  “If I have a question or an issue, I know the Boost staff is just a phone call away,” said Justin Smith, head athletic football trainer at NC State.  “It’s a real comfort because they are great people.”

Many teams use the Boost Treadmill as part of their weekly training program.  In Seattle, top-notch client services are crucial for the Huskies.  “Boost is a proactive partner with terrific people,” said the University of Washington head track and cross country coach Andy Powell.  “Customer service and reliability is an important part of using the air pressure treadmill because we use it for so much of our weekly training.  We need our Boost Treadmill to be ready when we are each time.” 


In today’s environment, where production is as key to training as cost savings, the Boost Treadmill has been one of the top investments West Virginia University has made to elevate its program. “From enhancing training to optimizing health to elevating performance, not a day goes by that we don’t maximize our usage of the Boost Treadmill,” said Sean Cleary, the Mountaineers head cross country and track and field coach.


Looking to answer Arizona State’s needs for versatility in serving two separate programs, Boost allowed for a cost conscious decision that would serve both the women’s basketball and track and field teams. “The Woodway 4Front platform, in conjunction with the Boost technology, provides us a great combination at the right price.  It was the right product for many reasons – we especially liked it has the capacity to adjust weight bearing percentage,” said ASU associate head athletic trainer Diana Padilla


The fact that a number of the Boost staff ran or coached at a high level impresses Dan Wirth, the University of Tennessee Director of Performance for Olympic Sports.  “The Boost staff understands the level of quality and support needed to be the best,” said Wirth.  “Ultimately, the economics of the Boost product make it possible to have multiple units so we can use it as a performance tool for a program rather than a rehab tool for an individual.”

Using modern technology also helps the Volunteers stay a few steps ahead of the competition.  “The Boost Treadmill offers us the kind of versatility we need to schedule use on it all day every day,” Wirth added. 

“Competing in the SEC means that no stone can be left unturned when it comes to helping our athletes succeed. Boost provides us with a technology tool that can help us win now.   No one can overlook that.”

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